Independent Living Skills program (ILS)

Our Independent Living Skills program (ILS) is teaching and empowering adults with developmental disabilities to work on and maintain goals such as cooking, money management, cleaning, use of public transportation, self-advocacy training, and use of medical and dental services. Here at TTSR, we are aimed at making sure that everyone we serve is able to stay living independently and to their maximum capacity. By teaching proactive life skills, our participants can gain self-sustaining independent living situations in their communities. Participants in the ILS program at TTSR receive one-on-one training to improve awareness of their rights and needs to enhance participation in activities of daily living. With help from our agency, no goal is unobtainable. We provide a good support network and frequent reassurance to our participants that their goals are within reach.

Parenting Program

Our Parenting program at TTSR implements coaching techniques and guidance to parents with developmental disabilities. Our instructors work in the home, one-on-one to educate the parent(s) in areas specified to each parent(s)’ objectives and obligations.
We will help the parent(s) develop and achieve goals that will aid them in all aspects of parenting including, but not limited to: understanding the stages of child development, advocacy, health, nutrition, boundaries, and discipline. It’s our goal to equip the parent(s) and expand their ability to care for their children.

Community Activity Support Services Day program (CASS)

The Community Activity Support Services Day program (CASS) is a fun, energetic, educational and lively program to attend. Our students attend program for varying reasons such as gaining/brushing up on skills with the hope of transferring to a college or gaining employment opportunities. Others attend program to learn practical skills in their daily lives and gain life-long friendships. CASS students are all independent in their ADL’s while being in classrooms with a 6 to 1 ratio.
We are partnered with the Sacramento Library and their adult literacy program. Literacy classes are held Tuesdays & Thursdays. CASS Day Program has classes that rotate and change every 4 months so there is always new and interesting subjects to be learned. CASS is a part time and full time program held from 10am-3pm.