Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. (TTSR) is a non-profit organization that supports developmentally disabled adults. We offer several programs to assist individuals with disabilities to access the community as well as educate them on core academics and skill building that can be applied in life and social situations. TTSR has been serving the community for over 31 years with a goal to increase independence for those with developmental disabilities. Each class incorporates valuable life skills training and allows students to explore their creativity. Students can choose from a variety of classes, some of which include: Math, Cooking, Physical Fitness, Health and Relationships, Wood Shop, Sign Language, Theater and Music.

The Community Activity Support Services Day program (CASS) focuses on academics as well as social and recreational classes. Focusing on good nutrition, health maintenance, child safety, and rules and boundaries. Our Independent Living Skills program (ILS) provides the skills needed to live as independently as possible by teaching basic cooking skills, cleaning habits, the importance of menu planning and meal preparation, shopping, money management.


TTSR  began in 1977 as a pilot project for an organization known as Opportunities for the Handicapped, Inc. or OFHI. This pilot project was unlike any other in the area, a pioneer project for people with developmental disabilities in California. Modeled after the original independent living movement for people with other disabilities, the development of TTSR was  an important first step in helping people with developmental disabilities find their independence. Prior to this movement, people with developmental disabilities either lived with families, in group homes or in institutions. The idea that they could live and thrive in a home of their own was unheard of.

In its early days TTSR was an instructionally based apartment program where participants came to stay for a period of time and learned to cook, shop, pay their bills and other independent living skills. After a participant demonstrated that they had mastered certain skills they “graduated” and moved out of the apartments into their own homes. In 1983 this was a very innovative program and only one of 5 in the state of California.

Over the years TTSR’s independent living program has evolved, no longer utilizing the apartment program, but instead providing support and skill training to participants living in their own homes. Today, TTSR provides a variety of services throughout the greater Sacramento area, in Placer, Yuba, Sutter, Butte and Colusa Counties. Those services include parent support services to parents with a developmental disabilities, day program services and independent living services. In conjunction with the Sacramento Public Library TTSR has developed a literacy program specifically for people with developmental disabilities. TTSR is very involved in advocacy efforts continuing to stand up for the rights of people with developmental disabilities.